First off, I’m not a professional photographer. I do this as a hobby. In fact, I’m a writer by profession. I guess photography is another creative outlet for me. I’ve always enjoyed taking photos, since I was a kid. I even learned how to process film in a darkroom!

I started to get more serious about photography a couple of years ago, when I picked up a DSLR on sale. I soon discovered that this was fun! Over time, I’ve learned what I like taking photos of, and have accumulated lenses for those purposes. I’m honestly still learning how to use my camera (Nikon D500). My primary subject matter is birds (especially hummingbirds), sunsets, and endurance sports. However, I will probably branch out as I learn more.

I hope you enjoy my photos, and feel free to contact me to say “hi”!

Oh…a little bit more about me... I’m a Wisconsin native who did a decade-long stint in Chicago before moving to southern California in 2010. I’ve been a competitive runner since high school, but started getting a string of injuries in the early 2000s. I soon reached the point, where I needed a new sport. Thus, I picked up cycling and started racing. Now, you know why you see cycling photos in my galleries. I find the sport now only fun to participate in, but it’s also visually intriguing. There is a special beauty of cycling that’s hard to explain in words. I guess that’s why it’s one of my main loves. However, I’m crazy enough to bike, while holding my DSLR in one hand…;)